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As Plato, the Greek philosopher, rightly put it "Necessity is the mother of Invention" and most inventions, discoveries, and ideas owe their existence to the need to find a solution to a problem.

Our story is no different. Our parent company landing a contract that required vehicles across geographical boundaries at short notice, was the trigger that led to MERA TRANSPORT EXCHANGE PVT. LTD. It was our calling to find a customized solution to deal with the challenges and shortcomings faced by the industry.

With the growing use of technology, increased internet penetration in India, the inherent need to organize and simplify the otherwise chaotic transport sector, it was but natural to develop an Online Transport Marketplace.

Mera Transport aims to connect customers with service providers for transportation of goods by road. With E-Commerce being the need of the hour, we wanted to extend our expertise to enable a simple, hassle free, efficient, economical, and transparent transacting platform.

Our Mission

Use technology to integrate supply chain, build a cohesive market place, discover efficiencies, and create value for all stakeholders